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Loading magazines is NEVER a fun task.  If you are a high volume shooter you know you spend a lot of time loading something you are going to unload in very short order.  The Universal Magazine Speed Loader is the perfect tool to help you load your magazines quickly, efficiently, and in a hurry.

This Magazine Speed Loader is perfect for your next day at the range.  Quickly and easily load all of your magazines without the hassle of conventional magazine loading in under 10 seconds!

How It Work?

This Universal Magazine Speed Loader is a two-piece system – one part is a plunger, the other holds the ammo and the magazine in place for the plunger to safely push into your magazine.  The larger main portion of the loader has a channel that allows you to quickly and effortlessly pick up rounds by their rim – this is the simplest way to save wear on your fingers and load ammo into the loader by scooping up a row of cartridges from the box into the U-shaped channel of the loading guide if the ammo is sorted with the projectiles facing downwards.  If your ammo isn’t sorted with the projectiles facing down you can manually drop the rounds down the channel.

From there, the process is simple – insert your magazine in the opening, slide it until it locks in, place the pusher on top of the ammo guide and push down.  In less than 10 seconds this convenient loader pushes the cartridges into the magazine for you.


  • Fast, efficient and very easy to use
  • Universal loader Works with a large variety of 9mm and .40 caliber magazines, double or single stack.
  • Load your magazines in under 10 seconds!
  • Load easily by picking up rounds directly from the ammo tray or with loose ammo
  • Does NOT force rounds through the feedlips, so it won’t damage the magazine in any way
  • Portable and compact. Easily fits in your range bag or pocket.
  • Rugged design made from exceedingly durable polymer that will hold up to wear and tear
  • Works with metal and polymer magazines


This magazine loader will not work with STI 2011, Bersa Thunder .380, Taurus PT709, Walther CCP, Sig P938, Makarov 9×18, Springfield Armory Hellcat, Steyr C9-A1, or any other magazine that is larger than a standard double stack 9mm magazine.

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