F.A.C. Ankle Holster

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For those who sit for long periods every day, or would prefer to keep their waistline free, the ankle holster is the concealed carry option for you. Freedom Arms Carry has developed a breakthrough ankle holster design that rises above competitors.

Made almost entirely of FAC Air-Thread Technology™ neoprene and low profile hook, this ankle holster is lightweight, requires zero break-in time, and hugs against the ankle for all-day comfort and concealment.

  • One Size Fits All
  • Soft Lining Protects Your Firearms Finish
  • Very Quick Draw Time
  • Works for Right or Left Hand Draw
  • Universal holster to fit most Small, Medium or Large frame pistols and revolvers. 22s, 25s, 380s, 9mms, even compact 40s and 45s, 38 revolvers and even a 357 can fit at max.

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