F.A.C. Belly Band Gun Holster

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FREEDOM ARMS CARRY's premium nylon belly band holsters are designed to combine maximum comfort with unparalleled durability. Our design is a multi-fit holster that accommodates more than 150 styles of semi-automatic handguns. The Freedom belt offers 3 holsters, for firearm, multi-use large pocket, and standard mag pocket. Keep confidence with concealing with our thin profile and multi angle belt ability. Stay protected and carry confidently with our superior belly band holster.


Belt Sizing

Please note: Belt will need at least 4" overlap to fit comfortably. Also measure where you will actually be wearing the Holster (Waist, Lower-Torso, Mid-Torso).

Medium - Fits Waist/Belly size 29" and smaller. Total Belt length 37".

Large - Fits Waist/Belly size 30" to 38". Total belt length 45"

X-Large - Fits Waist/Belly size 38" to 46". Total belt length 51"

XXL - Fits Waist/Belly size 46" to 52". Total belt length 56"


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